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EpicBot3D Building Communities

New Homes

At EpicBot3D, we have lofty goals, to reduce the housing shortage in America. EpicBot3D can help provide such solutions to a seemingly unsolvable problem. By teaming up with EpicBot3D, we can reverse the problem.

Community Development

By teaming up with EpicBot3D, cities can develop neighborhoods and communities. Our concept is to work with cities to include community driven programs to invest in training programs to teach how to operate the EpicBot3D Printer.

Tiny House Programs

In any city with a housing shortage, EpicBot3D can provide fast community development of Tiny House based communities. EpicBot teams with cities and faith based organizations and initiatives to provide these solutions.


EpicBot3D delivers the best ROI of any solution available to date. Rapid deployment design, easy operation, a proprietary “Virtual Scene” game like programming interface for easy operation. EpicBot3D is capable of printing your dream house today, one layer at a time.

EpicBot3D uses standard 123 Portland Mix Cement to further reduce the printing (building) costs.


EpicBot3D is designed for any size home. EpicBot3D is capable of up to a 120′ x 120′ reach from one position, a marvel of innovation and capability. In addition to its 25′ telescopic height capability, EpicBot3D has optional EpicBot3D custom lift planned for late 2022 which will extend height another 25ft. This allowing printing up to a total of 40ft in height.

Our EpicBot3D design allows for rapid deployment and one position printing up to 120 ft by 120 ft. This allows for consistent results, reducing leveling issues. EpicBot3D includes level compensation to reduce layer inconsistency during the print process. A common issue with gantry designed solutions.


There is a reason that New Mexico adopted adobe structures for living. They are efficient both for cooling and heating, they are fire resistant, look great, and can be built at a savings.

Structures built with EpicBot3D Habitat Printer are at a substantial cost reduction over standard building methods, with an increase in efficiency overall.

Structures similar to adobe have been built for hundreds of years, we are just catching on now regarding their efficiency. In addition, no wood materials, no termites, fire resistant and many more benefits can be obtained by creating 3D printed habitats and communities.


EpicBot3D is the most advanced habitat printer available throughout the world. Our technology has capabilities unmatched, contact us so we can demonstrate its capabilities today.

EpicBot3D Reach

We reduce costs by reducing setup time, and allowing for rapid deployment of our technology. In addition, we allow for one position printing up to 120ft x 120ft, a very impressive reach capability. This saves time and need for additional manpower.

EpicBot3D Setup

Our technology is a programmable solution that runs autonomously, includes collision avoidance technologies that come standard with all EpicBot3D systems. With EpicBot3D, safety is number one.

Our “Virtual Scene” allows for easy one man setup and print execution.

Communities Need EpicBot3D

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