EpicBot3D EGHI

EpicBot3D Global Housing Initiative has been established as a subsidiary of EpicBot3D. Our goals are lofty; to build sustainable communities and reduce the homelessness globally. EpicBot3D, has established the EpicBot3D Global Housing Initiative, the “Triangle of Life” program. This “Triangle of Life” components includes Home, Job. and the most important required component for success, Purpose. Home, job, & purpose, it is not complicated. This “leg Up” program gives its participants a chance to make it happen for themselves, and be a positive influence for their family, friends and neighbors.

Our emphasis is to partner with land owners, city planning and community development officials to develop the programs required to get the problem fixed by stimulating proper community support and revitalization. This strategy helps everyone, stimulates new neighborhood development, new restaurants, new business move in, and community happens.

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